Important notice for fund applications

23 October 2017 |

Tshikululu does not accept a Certificate of Good Standing from SARS as a supporting document for funding applications, only an ITA34 from SARS will be accepted. 

To access your ITA34, your organisation must be a registered tax payer on SARS e-filing and must have filed your Income Tax Return for the relevant year of assessment.

To get your ITA34:

  1. Log onto your e-filing account;
  2. on the ‘Returns’ tab, select ‘SARS Correspondence’ on the left;
  3. under the ‘SARS Correspondence’ tab select the ‘Search Notices’;
  4. select your ‘Year of Assessment’;
  5. select your ‘Tax Type’ as ‘Income Tax’;
  6. on ‘Notice Type’ select ‘ITA34’; and
  7. your ITA34 should now be displayed.

For any queries, email

Download sample of ITA34