Embracing opportunities

As  2019 gets underway we look forward to continuing the work that we are so passionate about.  What keeps us focused on our vision of achieving social impact for the greater good is knowing that the partnerships we have forged with our social investment partners over the past twenty years are making a meaningful difference to millions of people. We say this with the knowledge that much more still needs to be done to address poverty, unemployment and inequality in our country. As a result, we need to maintain momentum to ensure long term change. It is not easy work but it’s worth it.

As we have seen over recent times, a world that believes in shared values and embraces change is an absolute necessity for all of us. Central to our DNA is partnering with organisations that are committed to positive change, who embrace the power of collaboration and who share our philosophy that together we can achieve more when we scale for impact. This requires continuous reflection on what has and hasn’t worked and, as a knowledge organisation, embracing an iterative cycle of learning so that social investment solutions are aligned to positive social impact.

This has also required us over the years to think differently about which solutions are best suited for specific social investment strategies, geographies and sectors. It has also shifted our focus to explore a diversity of investment models to suit specific social investment outcomes be it grant-making, systemic social investment or impact investing. They all have a place in the social investment eco-system and if done deliberately will continue to impact lives in a meaningful way.

2019 it is likely to be a bumpy ride for the country, especially as we move towards elections, constrained economic growth, persistently high rates of unemployment, limited economic opportunities for the recent Grade 12 learners and a deficit of national social cohesion. This will affect our organisation, our clients and our communities at large in various ways. However, as an organisation, Tshikululu embraces these challenges and our agency to contribute to strategic social investment solutions that are focused on positive impact.

May 2019 be a fruitful year for all our partners and may the bumpy roads inspire all of us to find smoother paths to national prosperity and growth.


Tracey Henry