In a country where more than a third of adults are jobless, helping the unemployed to grow their own food is a critical contribution to the economy.

By means of training programmes and the provision of materials, Tshikululu’s partner NPOs have enabled subsistence farmers to move on to commercial success within a few years.

Other clients have assisted by meeting nutritional needs, providing greater economic security and consequently boosting the self-confidence of the country’s unemployed in rural and urban areas.

Legal, Risk and Compliance
Legal, Risk and Compliance icon

We establish trusts, manage them, provide secretarial support and manage the risk and compliance components

Infrastructure Management
Infrastructure Management icon

Manage investment in educational infrastructure

Financial Management
Financial Management icon

Ensure effective financial management across trusts

Skills Development and Bursary Management
Skills Development and Bursary Management icon

Design and implementation of skills development programmes, and bursaries under management

Knowledge Management and Research
Knowledge Management and Research icon

Ensure effective knowledge capturing, management and sharing internally and externally

Grant Management
Grant Management icon

Manage grantee and service provider relationships; drive implementation

Social Investment Strategy
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We design social investment strategies that are aligned to clients’ business and societal imperatives

Client Relationship Management
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We conduct comprehensive stakeholder engagement for efficient and cost effective social investment

Monitoring & Evaluation
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We deliver end-to-end monitoring, evaluation and reporting throughout the implementation of the strategy