Tshikululu offers a wide range of educational funding with a strong focus on improving the quality of teaching and learning in the maths, science and language spheres.

Funding ranges from support for early childhood development programmes to primary school teacher support, numeracy and literacy programmes, and school leadership and management initiatives.

Financial support is also made available to public high school teachers who achieve good results.

The provision of specialised school equipment, school buildings and investment in tertiary infrastructure also fall within the ambit of education provisions.

Within the education sector, the following focal areas have been identified:

  •         Early childhood development
  •         Maths, science and language programmes
  •         Investment in rural schools’ infrastructure
  •         School-level and tertiary bursaries
  •         Whole-school development
  •         School management and leadership
  •         Teacher knowledge and continuing professional development
  •         Special needs schools.