Bringing 16 years of experience into 2015

29 January 2015 | Tracey Henry | Opinion

Introspection and retrospection are often the best starting points when creating a sound plan for the future, and the soil of reflection can often be fertile ground from which new ideas and improved outlooks may spring.

Tracey Henry, CEO of Tshikululu Social Investments

Over the course of 2014 Tshikululu turned its attention to establishing a better understanding of its own inner workings and the current social investment environment. As a result Tshikululu is welcoming 2015 and the years to come with a refreshed outlook on the world of social investment, and our role in supporting business and society to achieve deep and sustainable social change for the greater good.

Social investing is always embedded in a fluctuating local and global socio-economic environment. This means that any investing should take cognisance of prevailing circumstances.

With the help of the Boston Consulting Group, Tshikululu undertook an extensive review of the organisation during 2014, examining it from internal and external vantage points. The review included feedback from external stakeholders, clients, strategic partners and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), along with internal staff consultation.

Through this review we have developed a new five-year strategy to ensure sustainable growth of the company and to enable us to offer current and future clients advisory and fund management services, aligned to their business principles and to a philosophy of effective and meaningful corporate social responsibility.

Our core values and visions have remained the same, but a fuller understanding of the current milieu has allowed us to formulate more contemporary strategies to express and implement our clients’ vision and strategic intent.

The review highlighted key growth opportunities and areas of efficiency within Tshikululu, and revealed which aspects of the company require improvement.

A few new ways in which Tshikululu could provide greater client efficiency and value were identified, and some changes to the organisational structure of Tshikululu are being considered in order to facilitate the implementation of the new strategy.

Changes to our executive committee include the development of a project management office to support the execution of the new strategy, as well as the establishment of an executive head of advisory, which is a key growth area for the business. In addition, nominations have been presented to the board by the human resources committee and myself to consider the appointment of additional board and committee members.

We look forward to formalising and making these announcements soon. The establishment of an advisory committee has been approved to bring together influential external experts. These committee members will help to support Tshikululu’s work in the social investment  space.

Sixteen years down the line we’ve taken stock, we’ve done a very deep analysis of who we are, what our purpose is, what our vision is, what business opportunities we should be pursuing, and how we should organise ourselves to achieve that.