Business leaders have a responsibility to be active advocates in and partners to society

18 June 2015 | Godfrey Gomwe | Opinion

The future of both business and our country is dependent on the agility and informed decision-making of leaders across all sectors of our society – and their ability to partner with others to enable economic growth and social development. This will ensure that we achieve a more equitable and economically robust society.

In his message in Tshikululu’s latest report to society, chairman Godfrey Gomwe emphasises the importance of reflecting on the lessons of the past with a view to mapping a future path that builds on these learnings.

If this path is to facilitate responsible growth and development for all communities in South Africa, the process will require each of us to look beyond our immediate contribution and consider what is necessary to build the fabric of our society in a sustainable manner. This means that the choices we make now are more important than ever.

The process will require bold and courageous leadership from business, civil society and government – and our insistence on developing and executing organisational strategies that aren’t solely focused on corporate compliance or profit motives. This, in turn, will ensure long-term relevance in our ever-changing world, with strategies aligned to country priorities creating value both for business and the communities in which they operate.

For more, read Tshikululu’s 2014 report to society.