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ApexHi Charitable Trust

The ApexHi Charitable Trust invests money gained from an established endowment fund into reputable projects and non-profit organisations in the fields of early childhood development and community strengthening.

The ApexHi Charitable Trust is committed to supporting development initiatives that are directed towards the alleviation of poverty and the development of communities in South Africa. The Trust seeks to invest in innovative, high-risk, community-based organisations and/or projects in each of its three focus areas.

Funding guidelines

Early Childhood Development, which aims to increase access to high-quality ECD services, both formally and informally, for as many children as possible, by means of:

  • Home and community-based programming, including home visiting, playgroup, and toy library programmes. Preference will be given to well-designed proposals that aim to proactively include parents/caregivers in the ECD process
  • Training relating to children with disabilities. Funding will be provided to train ECD practitioners about early identification and intervention for children with disabilities. In addition, funding will be provided for trained practitioners providing support to parents with children with disabilities (e.g., through support groups, referrals, networking, training, etc.)

Community Strengthening, through which grants are awarded to organisations working in the welfare sector. The Trust will consider proposals focusing on the following target populations:

  • The aged
  • The homeless and destitute
  • People with disabilities
  • Victims of gender-based violence

The Trust will also consider proposals focusing on Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC). For OVC, proposals must focus on one or both of the following areas:

Support for institutional care with a developmental focus
Over and above providing shelter, basic needs and education, organisations must have a developmental focus by offering programmes such as life skills, psychosocial support and re-integration into the community to help children cope with the “outside world” once they become adults.

Community-based and family-focused OVC programmes
Organisations must offer programmes that strengthen the capacity of families and communities to care for their own children. These should not be once-off interventions (e.g. feeding schemes or ad hoc after-school support), but must work with families, for a limited period, to strengthen self-reliance and coping mechanisms. The end goal of these programmes must be to “graduate” families as quickly as possible.

Finally, the Trust also provides grants in support of practical research in the above areas of interest in order contribute to improved decision-making and knowledge-sharing in the development sector.

Phase 1 online applications are currently closed.

Current partners can continue to utilise the full application form according to their reporting and application deadlines.

Please click on the relevant links below to access or download the application and reporting forms.

Please note:

  • If you have never received funding from the ApexHi Charitable Trust, please note that applications are closed.
  • If you have received funding from the ApexHi Charitable Trust previously and would like to reapply in 2018 for funding; please contact the administrator for the application form at you have not received one already from the Trusts. Please ensure that you have submitted previous funding report before you do so (link to reporting form can be found below and should be sent to
  • If you are completing a full application form and/or a reporting form, please note that these are not considered complete unless submitted together with the completed monitoring and evaluation indicators tables, which are available for download below:
  • ApexHi Trust reporting form 
  • ApexHI Trust monitoring and evaluation template for reporting