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CIDA Empowerment Trust

The CIDA Empowerment Trust (CET) is an organisation dedicated to innovative approaches to investing in deserving young people through tertiary education opportunities and bursaries. Due to South Africa’s dire need for creative and well-trained teachers, the CIDA Empowerment Trust will focus primarily on applications for teaching degrees and teaching certificates as of 2017.

Teacher development and training programme

This programme is aimed at enhancing the continued professional development of teachers at programme schools. A major focus of this programme is the recruitment and training of aspirant maths, science and English educators.

CET will support teacher training by providing bursaries to students pursuing a formal Bachelor of Education qualification at a higher education Institution. CET will also provide support to teacher interns who are receiving training and simultaneously pursuing a Post-graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) while on placement in public or independent schools.

Applications for funding are currently closed.