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De Beers

The De Beers Fund has made a strategic decision to initiate and support development projects and programmes in its areas of mining operation.

While the Fund is proud of this, it continues to recognise the importance of other best practice projects and national initiatives. Approximately 30% of funding is spent on these projects.

All approaches received by the De Beers Fund are subject to careful review, drawing on the wide practical experience the Fund has on development needs and the success and failure of many different ways of trying to address them.

It is important to note that most often, the value of funding devoted to a project is ‘doubled up’ by the guidance and advice received from close engagement with the Fund.

Over the years, the fund has come to acknowledge the power of partnership and proactive engagement with all key role-players (mining operations, government, civil society, project champions and beneficiary communities).

Building relationships with an understanding of the communities in which De Beers operates lies at the heart of the fund’s work.

Funding guidelines

The fund is committed to supporting development initiatives that are directed towards the alleviation of poverty and the development of the communities surrounding its operations in South Africa.

The targeted activities in the education sector are

  • Early-Childhood Development
  • Maths, Science and Language Development
  • Further Education and Training Development.

The target activities in the health and welfare sector are

  • Primary Health Care;  Orphans and Vulnerable Children
  • Vulnerable Adults (victims of domestic violence, the elderly, rape survivors, drug and alcohol addicts and the homeless)
  • People with Disabilities.

The target activities in the Community Strengthening sector are

  • Life Skills Training
  • Social Cohesion Interventions
  • Livelihoods Promotion.

Deadlines for applications for 2019

Unfortunately, due to limited funding in 2019, and until further notice, applications for 2019 are only open to current partners of the Fund.

Applications from organisations new to the Fund will not be considered.

Please find below the quarterly application deadlines for 2019:
Quarter 1: 22 February 2019
Quarter 2: To be confirmed
Quarter 3: To be confirmed
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