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Epoch and Optima Trusts

The Epoch and Optima Trusts are independent trusts founded by the Anglo American Group to disburse funds for the furtherance of excellence in maths education. The goal of the Trusts is to have more learners matriculating with maths skills to access tertiary institutions. The Trusts recently completed a strategy review and have formulated a five-year plan (2015-2019).

The Trusts have several key focus areas:

Public and low-fee independent schools maths challenge

The Public and Low-fee Independent Schools Maths Challenge aims to increase the number of learners taking maths as well as improve the quality of maths passes, i.e. levels 5, 6 and 7.

The executive summary of an external evaluation of this programme can be foundĀ here.

Teacher development and training programme

This programme is aimed at enhancing continued professional development of teachers at programme schools. A major focus of this programme is the recruitment and training of aspirant maths, science and English educators.

Applications for funding are currently closed.