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FRF Thought Leadership

The FirstRand Foundation, in recognising the role of civil society organisations (CSOs) in a democratic South Africa, has approved a call for funding applications from think-tanks and policy advisory organisations.

The FirstRand Foundation welcomes initial applications from CSOs that focus primarily on high-quality research into challenges faced by South Africa.

We are specifically looking for CSOs that fit the following criteria:

  • Transformation: CSOs that can provide a clear case/plan of transformation in their organisations. The plan should include measures to recruit, sustain and support black managers and researchers in their respective organisations. There must be a clear transformation and succession plan across all levels
  • Knowledge sharing: CSOs that can provide a business case on how they will expand the dissemination of their work (knowledge sharing) to reach broader society
  • Mainstreaming disability: CSOs that are able to ensure that people with disabilities enjoy access to services and programmes, and that the work of the organisation is inclusive in nature

Any queries can be addressed directly to