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08 November 2016


+27 011 544 0300

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Block B M etropolitan Office Park
8 H illside Road Parktown

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Private Bag X125

The innovation edge

New fund to support innovation in early learning in SA. Do you have a great idea for supporting early learning in South Africa? If so, we’d like to hear it!

The Innovation Edge is a newly established social innovation fund which aims to inspire, support and share innovations that harness the enormous potential that rests within the developing minds of young children.

The foundations for life are built in early childhood. In fact, learning starts before a child is even born. While significant progress has been made in many areas, most young children in South Africa still do not have access to quality services during those critical first few years of life.

Innovation in this space is desperately needed – to promote access to early care and stimulation, to ensure that early learning spaces are engaging and safe, to support the full development of the range of skills that enable children to enter school “ready to learn”, and to create a national ecosystem conducive to promoting growth and quality within the sector.

The Edge offers a platform for testing the feasibility and effectiveness of ideas that have the potential for large scale impact on children aged 0-6 years and on pregnant women. We offer a continuum of support, including financial and technical support, depending on the stage of development of the idea and the needs of the implementing partner.
If you would like to apply to the Innovation Edge for support, or would like to simply share an idea or concern with us, please visit our website at 
We look forward to being inspired by you!