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DSV Empowerment Trust


UTi, founded in 1976, is an industry-leading, non-asset-based supply chain management company. UTi’s global footprint of 313 offices and 245 logistics centres in 59 countries enables it to develop and implement client-centric, global solutions. Through its supply chain planning and optimisation services, it assists its customers in designing and implementing solutions that improve the predictability and visibility, and reduce the overall costs, of their supply chains.


The UTi Empowerment Trust is an independent trust established by UTi in 2004. It provides quality education to black South Africans, enabling them to fulfil their dreams through tertiary education. Through the everyday efforts of UTi employees, the UET receives funding from dividends paid on profits generated by UTi South Africa.

Funding is only available to UTi employees or someone nominated by a UTi employee. Applications for funding are currently closed, but for general information on the application process contact Careerwise at