The story of Sthabile

13 February 2014 | Opinion

Sthabile was a patient at the Highway Hospice In-patient Unit in KwaZulu-Natal.

Despite her terminal illness, she brought joy to many people around her, especially Sister Jean Hepburn, whom she called “Aunty”. She received regular visits and presents from CEO Linda Webb.

Eventually her little brother came to visit, and the little girl enjoyed playing with him. They also enjoyed watching Barney DVDs in their hospice room.

One Saturday, the hospice nurses took little Sthabile to the hospice playroom in a wheelchair. She enjoyed it so much that she didn’t want to leave. She laughed, smiled and her mother got quite emotional, seeing her daughter being so happy and content.

The next day, sadly, her condition deteriorated and her mum and dad never left her bedside. A few days later, our darling Sthabile passed away.

The nurses cried but they also spoke with fondness of Sthabile’s fun day in the playroom. Her family gained comfort in knowing she enjoyed a few happy days at the end.

This article was originally published on the ehospice website, and is reproduced with kind permission. To find out more about the Highway Hospice Association, click here.