Tshikululu specialist interviewed by eNCA about land

08 October 2013 | Opinion

Silvester Hwenha, a research and knowledge-sharing specialist at Tshikululu and also an agricultural economist, was recently interviewed by Diana Neille of eNCA for a feature on land, legacies, and farming in South Africa.

According to the feature, 60% of South Africa’s population may have migrated to urban centres, but millions more are still trying to eke out a living on the land.

“You would be condemning people to poverty by not assisting them to get out of it,” says Hwenha in the interview.

“You also create a liability to society when you don’t help your own people, because in South Africa, if most people decide to go to urban cities to find jobs, to find something to sustain themselves, you get more informal settlements, more health problems, more crime and all those social ills that we’re trying to address,” he says.

“That comes with a huge burden on government.”’

Click here to access the interview with Hwenha, which can be found by clicking on the Land tab.