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Keeping bellies full and kids on track

Supporting Skills Development and healthy nutrition.

The ACFS, established 73 years ago, provides in excess of 10 000 children each day with a nutritious meal, promotes early childhood development, skills development programmes and the establishment of food gardens.

Tshikululu has extensive years of experience in designing early childhood development strategies and interventions that focus on sustainable livelihoods. Our emphasis is on systemic interventions that will ultimately address poverty, inequality and improved economic participation.

Through our partnership with ACFS and other similar organisations and with the financial support of our clients we believe that we can make a significant impact in addressing nutritional stunting and improved educational prospects of vulnerable children.

Proliferating educational hope in Alexandra

The Alexandra Education Committee understands the value of partnership.

“Very little is accomplished when individuals work alone. Our achievements to date are a result of the effective partnerships we have built and nurtured with all members of the AEC community.”

The AEC supports promising students in the Alexandra township through bursaries and supplemental education. AEC was able to support 179 Black students with study skills training and retained its student pass rate of 99%. The programme also incorporates arts, drama and public speaking into their curriculum offering.

Tshikululu provides strategy development and programme implementation management support for the entire spectrum of educational interventions, from early childhood development through to post-graduate studies. We believe that each intervention needs to be tailored to the specific community needs which needs to be based on a clear understanding of the current environment as well as future aspirations. Monitoring and evaluation is vital to ensure that implementation of programmes is tracked and partnerships with other funders and the Departments of Basic Education and Higher Education can assist in taking projects to scale.

Using big data for big impact

The Grahamstown Primary Education Programme (GPEP) understands the power of big data and is using it enhance educational outcomes.

GPEP, backed by one of our renewable energy clients, aims to improve primary school education through rigorous monitoring and evaluation of learner and teacher data, addressing the gaps and developing solutions that are so often missed without proper analysis.

Tshikululu’s extensive monitoring and evaluation experience, supports our clients to improve the quality of teaching, build the capacity of teachers to support learners to overcome learning barriers and strengthen school management with the intent of improving learner performance and unlocking primary learners’ potential.

We believe that monitoring and evaluation is fundamental in effectively managing social investments that result in positive social impact. We support our clients throughout the social investment lifecycle to develop robust theories of change, monitoring and evaluation frameworks and indicators and the continuous monitoring and enhancement of programme deliverables.

Unlocking funding: Supporting tertiary students to pursue their dreams

Accessing funding for tertiary studies can inhibit deserving students from pursuing higher education.

Using the principles of blended finance, Tshikululu has worked with one of our clients to establish a  Medical Student Loan Guarantee Fund in which the client acts as the guarantor in order for a bank to approve student loans to medical students. So far, 211 student loans have been disbursed.

Tshikululu also provides management supports various of our clients bursary programmes. Our clients believe in providing holistic support, including financial assistance for tuition costs as well as psycho-social support. The ongoing monitoring of students’ progress is vital to ensure that obstacles that can negatively impact graduation is timeously addressed.

Dancing into economic stability

Education for a creative economy – That’s how Vuyani makes an impact on its community.

Vuyani Dance understands the power of the arts: for expression, for creativity and most importantly, for economic mobility.

Tshikululu has worked with our clients to ensure that organisations such as Vuyani can implement  training programmes, which focus on developing young talent from disadvantaged backgrounds to reach economic participation in the arts.

Tshikululu believes that economic participation unlocks financial and social value in communities and can fundamentally change the economic prospects of future generations. We also believe that economic participation should be accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities and for this reason we incorporate the mainstreaming of disabilities, be it in the arts, environmental programmes, educational programmes or sustainable livelihoods programmes.