We are social investment specialists, advising clients who are committed to achieving significant social change. We build each client’s individual corporate identity in an informed and strategic way – ensuring a business approach to the challenges of social development. Best-in-class social investment is based on respect for the potential and innate rights of all people, and a commitment to the expansion of opportunities. This has been our vision for the past 20 years.

We work closely with our clients and identify emerging social investment opportunities and plan investment strategies from conception to execution and evaluation. We develop strategic programmes that result in enduring social impact and establish sound monitoring and evaluation procedures.


To achieve deep and sustainable social
change for a greater good.


Through our expertise and partnerships, we design and implement sustainable social investment solutions.

Development knowledge and expertise icon
Development knowledge and expertise

Clients are assured that their social investment will have a meaningful and sustainable impact on the socio-economic livelihoods of their respective beneficiaries.

Proven, quality social investment solutions icon
Proven, quality social investment solutions

We help protect clients from reputational risk while enabling them to associate their brands with positive social and economic change.

Measuring for impact icon
Measuring for impact

Our M&E and research enable investments which align with the social strategy of each business, to ensure return on social investment.

A best-in-market network of clients and community stakeholder partners icon
A best-in-market network of clients and community stakeholder partners

We provide access to proven, effective organisations and partnerships.

Governance and financial management icon
Governance and financial management

Our professional standards give clients peace of mind and mitigate risks.

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The benefit of experience

Tshikululu was established in July 1998 and offers in-depth experience of the realities facing social funding and economic development.