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Effective social investment starts with developing a deep understanding of the context in which a social investor is trying to achieve impact.
Through such understanding, meaningful strategic decisions can be taken by the social investor, setting up for maximised impact in the long-term.


Baseline assessment

Prior to launching a project or programme, Tshikululu works with social investors to analyse the current situation on the ground in order to provide a reference point for assessing change and impact. This is known as a baseline assessment and provides a basis for comparing the situation before and after programme intervention.


Tshikululu conducts community assessments consisting of primary and secondary research. In addition to desktop research, these assessments include interviews and focus group discussions with community stakeholders to understand developmental priorities of people in the area.​​​


Tshikululu designs social investment strategies to maximise impact for a variety of vehicles, ranging from PBO Trusts to finance-first impact funds that are seeking a social and financial return. Every strategy is customised to meet our clients’ social investment goals and is grounded in sound research and expertise.


Tshikululu undertakes bespoke research on behalf of clients in order to support their social investment activities. Our specialists have expertise that cover the full range of socio-economic development issues, as well as specific research related to social investment management, governance and measurement.

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Dipalesa Mpye

Dipalesa Mpye
Head of Social Impact
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Graeme Wilkinson
Social Investment Specialist
011 544 0300