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for Impact

The effective management and disbursement of social investment funds is critical to achieve impact. Effective execution and management of implementation enhances impact.


Fund Management

Tshikululu offers end-to-end fund management solutions to public benefit foundations, community trusts and empowerment vehicles established with a social intent. These solutions include governance, secretarial support, risk management, financial management, social investment strategy, project identification, project due diligence, stakeholder management, strategy implementation and monitoring and evaluation (M&E).​​​

Impact Investing

Impact investing is gaining increasing traction in Africa, requiring a blend of skills from both the finance and development sectors. We provide social impact due diligence services on potential investee companies, ensuring that investments are made into businesses that have the best potential for social impact (as well as financial return).

Programme Management

We provide programme management services to ensure that the desired outcomes of social investments are achieved. This involves the planning and active management of social investment programmes to ensure that they meet agreed objectives, come in on budget and remain compliant. Tshikululu has all the operational capabilities required to manage various social investment programmes, including infrastructure projects.


Tshikululu assists clients who manage their own social investments internally by providing due diligence services that assess the quality of potential partner organisations and their ability to deliver on development objectives and impact based on approved strategies.

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