Millennials contribute new approaches to social investing

South Africa can look forward to further innovation in social development as the country’s Millennials take up the challenge of driving change.

Technology-savvy, outspoken and connected, Millennials are refreshing and disrupting South Africa’s social investment landscape.

Born after the 1980s, Millennials have grown up in a world where change is taking place at a rapid pace – where technology is shaping and redefining the way we look at challenges and find solutions.

Theirs is a time of increased social activism, often vocalised on social media, by young people who care deeply about inequality and poverty. They rally and mobilise their peers rapidly, and are able to create significant impact through their support or lack thereof.

As we celebrate our 20th birthday this July, it’s worth reflecting on the fact that Tshikululu Social Investments is also a Millennial.  Two decades ago, we were a start-up: the very first outsourced social investment fund manager in South Africa. It is thus with a sense of pride and gratitude that we reflect on our journey and growth to this point – and look ahead to the extensive and ground-breaking work that we continue to be called upon to do in our space.

With growth areas such as renewable energy and empowerment presenting South Africa with new opportunities, Tshikululu will remain focused on achieving deep and sustainable change for a greater good that results in positive social impact.  This will be done by designing social investment solutions that are based on our expertise and our partnerships with business, government and civil society.

While our experience has taught us that there is no silver bullet for bringing about systemic and measurable impact, we know the true power and ability of a collective and collaborative approach to turn the tide. This makes organising for change, engagement and perseverance essential in everything we do.

As a Millennial, we are proud to be part of a generation concerned with the advancement of positive change and committed to leaving our communities and world, a better place for those who follow. We’re excited and inspired to have the opportunity to work with this next generation of thinkers and look forward to partnering with them to challenge traditional outlooks and offer new perspectives that assist social investors to step up their efforts to drive social change with impact, in a strategic and agile way.