Whether used to boost skills sets or provide access to further education for those who show academic potential but lack the means, bursaries have effected profound change in the lives of recipients in South Africa.

A sustainable, student centred approach is applied when conducting bursaries through Tshikululu which enables better pass and throughput rates.

In 2011 alone, 1 352 bursaries were granted through Tshikululu.

CIDA Empowerment  and Fleur Development Trust

Tshikululu created and managed bursary management trusts, which included:
• The selection of students
• Ongoing mentoring
• Psychosocial support
•Disbursements of funds
• Management of Trusts’ governance and finances

Ingersoll Rand

Tshikululu runs an annual bursary programme on behalf of Ingersoll Rand to help achieve BEE-targets, and in particular, is involved as follows:
• Sourcing students as per required criteria
• Liaison with universities
• Facilitating disbursements
• Contracting with students

Epoch and Optima Teacher Learnership Programme

Tshikululu manages a bursary programme for teachers aimed at increasing the caliber and experience of maths teachers in public schools. 

This service includes:
• Coordinating and facilitating mentorships workshops
• Consistent encouragement and monitoring of progress

FNB Tertiary Programme

On behalf of FNB’s Tertiary Programme:
• Tshikululu manages a nationally spread bursary programme through service providers
• Facilitates and provides workshops for students